ISO 29990:2010

ISO 29990:2010 specifies basic requirements for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training, will also enhance transparency and allow comparison on a worldwide basis of learning services, offering a single alternative backed by international consensus to the huge variety of national service and management standards which now exists in the field of non-formal learning.

Knowledge is becoming a key factor in successful corporate management all over the world and education is increasingly being regarded as a business-oriented service.

The objective of ISO 29990:2010 is to provide a generic model for quality professional practice and performance, and a common reference for learning service providers (LSPs) and their clients in the design, development and delivery of non-formal education, training and development.

ISO 29990:2010 is the first standard developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 232, Learning services for non-formal education and training. Thomas Rau, Chair of the committee explains. “The purpose of TC 232 is to create a suitable framework for preparing standards in the field of non-formal learning services. Core elements are ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the education or training and improvement of knowledge transfer, whilst also enhancing the transparency and comparability of the range of learning services provided. ISO 29990 will help learning service providers improve their ability to consistently provide quality services, improve organizational effectiveness, and reduce overall business costs.”

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