What is SEDEX?

SEDEX is Abbreviation of “Supplier Ethical Data Exchange” is a world renowned online platform for a visible member of the SEDEX database you show your customers, Supplier and partners that, at your company, the principles of ethical and social sustainability have priority and are respected.

How to Become a SEDEX Member?

To become a member of the SEDEX database, you must conduct a SEDEX audit according to the SMETA guidelines. After the audit, you have the option to share your SMETA audit reports on the SEDEX platform with other members and your customers. In doing so, you show your customers and partners that you operate according to the principles of ethical and social sustainability. The platform also provides you with useful information about working conditions in your supply chain and assists you in the administration.
With the SEDEX database, customers have the ability to purposefully manage their supply chain according to the principles of SEDEX and thus reduce the risk, among other things. The SEDEX database contributes significantly to the improvement of ethically responsible business practices throughout the entire supply chain.

What is SMETA Audit?

SMETA is abbreviation of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits. These SMETA audits have gained popularity as brands and retailers seek to partner with suppliers that participate in SEDEX to compliance ethical trading and corporate social responsibility.

On-site SMETA audits conducts at factories around the globe to assess: how health and safety, labor, environmental and business ethics standards are being Compliance. Sedex members are then allowed to store, share and report on this information in a secure, online database in an effort to improve working conditions in the global supply chain system.:


Procedure of a SEDEX Audit

1. Select us as a Independent Auditor for this you need our auditor name & email address. Contact us for our auditor information.

2. Submission of the self-assessment sheet Before start the SEDEX audit, you must provide us with the completed self-assessment sheet or SAQ.
3. On-site SEDEX audit: Our Auditor team will visit the locations to be verified. The audit team reviews the extent to which the documentation of your social management system complies with the SMETA requirements. The duration of the audit depends on the number of employees and locations.

4. Deliver Report: Upon finishing the SEDEX audit, our auditors create a corrective action plan and deliver it together with a detailed report. This report can then be uploaded to the SEDEX database. After completion of the SEDEX audit, you can control the corrective action plan together with us.

The SEDEX Member Categories

In the SEDEX database companies are registered in the following categories.
A Members:
Companies that manage their suppliers via the SEDEX database (e.g. retailers at the end of a supply chain).
AB members:
Companies that both receive the report from their suppliers and provide their own reports to customers (e.g. distributors or the processing companies in

the middle of a supply chain).
B Members:
Companies that are required to publish their SEDEX report in the database (e.g. producers at the beginning of a supply chain).


Benefits of a SEDEX Audit at a Glance

• You improve your image and show customers, supplier and partners that you respect the principles of ethical and social sustainability.
• SEDEX serves as an internationally recognized and comprehensive audit and saves you the auditing according to other standards.
• You differentiate yourself from your competitors with an independent verification of your corporate sustainability.
• You reduce risks in the area of social responsibility and sustainability.
• You continuously work on improving your supplier relationships.


What is the SEDEX Audit Comprised of?


In SMETA audit checks the compliance of employment law in the following areas:
• Environmental protection
• Migrant workers
• Management systems
• Subcontracts
• Home-based work

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